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How do you stop copy and paste on Blogger (Copy blocking script) - disable copy/paste

How to disable copy/paste in blogger

Disable Copy Paste In Blogger  disable copy/paste How to to disable to disable in text i am january to disable in text to disable in text you have the following questions in your then this post will give you solution for to disable text selection in to protect your blog content from my مدونة
Many of us bloggers and publishers in blogger suffer from a problem of copying the content that we tired so that we wrote and thought a lot and after a lot of fatigue someone comes and steals it for sure this is unjust but there is a saying that says the law does not hold the fools the reason for the theft comes back to us because we let them do it Without giving any reaction to it and it is always exclusive content, do you ever ask yourself how to protect Blogger content from being stolen? Today I offer you a method to prevent copies of the article and prevent the preservation of pictures and all this so that you will not be stolen again.

 Copy Prevention Script Features:

  • Protect your blog and article from copying
  • Does not affect the speed and lightness of the blog
  • Protect photos from copying and saving
  • Get exclusive, non-repeating topics

How to add copy block script:

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