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How to setup google analytics tracking ID in blogger site 2020

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A lot of people don't know google analytics, the big role it plays in the blogger, and the return it returns to it in the article. We'll show you how to link the blogger blog to google analytics via tracking ID.

What is google analytics

google analytics is a free service provided by the big company google to help bloggers and website developers to know visitor statistics on the site or the blog and information about the visitor as google analytics has found great popularity in a short period of time and is one of the most important things that you must work and impossible to dispense with What is the benefit and features of google analytics when adding and installing the blog.

Google analytics properties

  • It provides you with blog stats.
  • It offers you more than one use for your blog visitors.
  • It offers you the most visited country for the blog.
  • It provides you with the source of the visit, whether google or facebook....etc
  • Google analytics offers the most used keywords to get a visitor to you.
  • It gives you the number of visits per day and the device and browser used.
  • It also shows you the visitors at the present time and the country they belong to, stating the source of the visit

 How to setup google analytics tracking ID in blogger

To show you how to add google analytics to the blog, we designed a video for you. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

After linking the blog to google analytics, you can say that you are important to your blog and you will get good results in terms of search engines.


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